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I'm Nan Hébert.

Like many psychotherapists, and those in the healing professions, I found my calling as a therapist a natural progression of my own healing journey--in addition to my private practice, I serve as a faculty member at Naropa University, and long-time residential faculty member at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. My formal and informal education undergirds all that I do. My curriculum has included grief, loss, traumas, dark nights of the soul, and beautiful awakenings, insights, belly laughs, successful insights and shifts in my own personal therapy. I feel like my psychotherapy practice is a gift I’ve been given, and a gift I get to give. 

I have directly experienced the potency of therapy to support individuals moving from isolation to connection, confusion to clarity, from unconscious cycles and compulsive patterns of behavior to deep insight, awareness, capacity, and new choice points. I have seen individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, rage, shame, trauma, addiction and despair come to self-awareness, acceptance, compassion, openness, vulnerability, softness, courage, strength, resolve, and create the life they want through the potency of a therapeutic relationship.

Every healing journey is unique. Mine has taken me all over the world. Yours has it's own cadence, it’s own time, and it’s own needs. The more curiosity, compassion, patience, and play we can invite into our own predicaments, with the support of a noble helper, the more graceful we are able to recognize and take the next steps—so that we might unfurl in the direction of our dreams.


As a counselor, and noble friend, I am here to discover with you, what your journey has to show you.

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to explore who you are, where you are, and what you want. You may be in disarray and don’t know what to do next or where to start.  You may believe in yourself and your own capabilities, and you’re ready to learn more about how to use this wisdom to feel more centered and aware. You may be ready to discover, play, create, and expand into the inherent healing that comes from acts of creativity. Wherever you are in your journey with your self: You’re invited. To expand into a space where we take an embracive view of your life,  recognize what is and is not working, and use your embodied wisdom to find the paths and tools that resonate with your deepest, truest self.


When you can approach your embodied wisdom with an embracive view, you give yourself an invitation: to unbridle. To uncinch. To move forward into an authentic relationship with your true self, and articulate your deepest needs.

Colorado Therapist, Anxiety therapy, depression therapy, PTSD therapy, Trauma therapy, Psychedelic therapy,


In my practice, you are welcome as you are. All of you. This is a space for us to unravel and weave together.

Colorado Therapist, Anxiety therapy, depression therapy, PTSD therapy, Trauma therapy, Psychedelic therapy,


Learn to give yourself radical permission in all circumstances. Come to embrace that there is nothing wrong with you—even if you think there is.

Colorado Therapist, Anxiety therapy, depression therapy, PTSD therapy, Trauma therapy, Psychedelic therapy,


Part of growth can be learning where you are in pain, and learning what alleviates. 


My goal in our work together is to give you a safe space and container to feel genuine and heard, so that you may carry that strength and trust of self into your day to day life. 

This experience can look like:

  • Understand how to give yourself permission to be who you are in the world

  • Knowing how to be heard, seen, and speak from your deepest self

  • Clear and centered in who you are 

  • Aware of  your patterns and choice points. 

  • Informed about yourself, with no pressure or judgment to make changes-unless you want to. 

  • Finally allowed to take up space, and understand what that means in the context of your own life. 

  • Unapologetically, beautifully, peacefully you. 


"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."

Friedrich Nietzsche

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