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Getting Started





The first step in us working together is to book a free 15 minute phone consultation

If we decide to move forward from there, you will receive an email with some onboarding paperwork to complete, consent forms, general intake, and an ROI—should you want me to connect with your health care team more comprehensively.

Once the forms are complete and returned, I will send you an invitation to ivypay. It is a Hippa compliant Venmo of sorts where all information is encrypted, and how I manage payments. They accept bank accounts, healthcare savings accounts, and credit cards. 

I do not accept insurance, however if you are working out of network, I can provide a superbill for your potential reimbursement.

Once your ivypay account is set up, we will schedule your first appointment.   
First appointments follow all cancelation and no show policy and rules established within the consent forms.

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