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Importance of Supported Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic integration, in its most simple form-is integration, a coalescing of experiences to support and inform the sovereign whole. However, psychedelic experiences (which I do not offer), can be at times like peak experiences or traumatic at other times. And they require support to take the experience, insights and wisdom, make meaning, and apply it towards tangible goals and lasting change, outside of the psychedelic state.

Everyone’s psychedelic experience is broadly different. And what is common is that, psychedelic experiences offer a temporary boost in neuroplasticity, and if done wisely--some heightened insights and increased awareness; and it is what we do with that time preceding and post experience that helps us make change. This can range from setting intentions, to making shifts in daily routine and discipline, learning to recognize and implement boundaries with self or others, working broadly on a theme of communication, resolving past traumas through perspective shifts, increasing compassion.

While the journey is different for everyone, the integration process tends to take thematic trajectories. Some individuals lean somatic and find that spending time in nature, taking walks, increasing physical activity, caring for the body, experiencing feelings and sensations are most supportive for them. Others find that emotional processing is what is needed, taking the time to actually feel feelings that may have been pent up or ignored. This can take the form of catalyzing emotions that are then experienced, managed and regulated in a way that can be integrated. And some experience psycho-spiritual or existential shifts where connection to a larger experience causes a reorientation of self which evokes questions and demands at times unanswerable questions. It is sitting with another in these spaces, sharing insights and questions, that supports the process of integration.

While I do not promote the experience of using illegal substances, I understand it is commonly done. And as someone who has had a variety of experiences in non-ordinary states of reality I am a staunch advocate of integration support. I've worked with many indigenous cultures. My experiences with indigenous traditions from India to across the Americas has included intensive fasting, vision quest, austere yogic practices, trance dancing, deep periods of meditation, sweat lodges, shamanic practices, and medicine ceremonies. I've experienced deep healing, growth, and delight from these practices and experiences. Now, I am here to help you connect with and integrate the practices that most resonate with you.

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