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Benefits of Teen Skills Groups

“Nobody gets me!” “You just don’t understand”

Teen years can be incredibly painful at times and a seemingly isolated experience. During the teen years individuals are going through so many simultaneous changes in their bodies, emotions, and relationships. All the while managing expectations to preform academically, gain and maintain acceptance from peers, plan for the future, manage pressures of social media and culture, while in a constant existential state of creating oneself with limited awareness and tools.

Family and individual therapy are incredibly helpful and often supportive adjuncts to group work. And many teens benefit from group work in ways that other therapeutic approaches fail. Peer groups, or affinity groups connect individuals with a shared experience which debunks the underlying myth of isolation with, “you just don’t understand,” and “nobody gets me!”

In peer group work, teens get to learn how to identify and express their thoughts and feelings with like-minded individuals and a trusted adult, in an environment with real time feedback—unlike social media, texting, and various apps. This encourages development and growth in learning to trust their capacity to share experiences, thoughts, and feelings rather than holding them in. It can give a sense of safety and belonging which they will integrate and carry with them well into adult years.

Through actively participating in group work they learn to feel understood and validated with experiences, challenges, frustrations, and successes are being navigated in adolescence. In this sharing of experience and acceptance in group, teens learn to accept themselves as they are. They develop more confidence and self-awareness, increase socializing skills and can decrease social anxiety.

If you feel like participating in a group is right for you or your teen, schedule a free consultation. And we will see if a fixed workshop or ongoing group is appropriate for you!

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