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Working with trauma and the body.

For years, there have been conversations on how to define trauma, how to approach trauma, how to work with trauma. And, there are different approaches that work for different individuals at different times on their healing journey.

Broadly speaking we can look at trauma as overwhelming experiences for the individual and society. In a way, they can be seen as an unmetabolized, or shocking experience that is stuck in the bodymind which then can cause symptoms of sorts. This can range from nightmares, anxiety, depression, fear, aversion, anger, numbness...

Utilizing a somatic or body based approach to trauma work and healing, allows both the client and practitioner to access experiences through sensations in the body, rather than focusing on stories, linear time, logic, and retelling of events that take place in the mind. The adage goes, "the issues are in the tissues."

Approaching sensation, with curiosity, compassion, gentleness, presence, and a trained ally on your inquiry, can allow for an illuminating unraveling or release of what was stuck or contracted in the system. This is done over time with a layered approach, and with a building of tools that support and aid the client in identifying and regulating their nervous system and capacity or tolerance.

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